2022 Perth 4WD and Adventure Show

Camp Cooking Demo Area


For Harry Fisher, cooking and eating good food is a necessity in life, and as a passionate traveller and camping enthusiast, he sees no reason why you shouldn’t eat well while you’re camping.

Having grown up with a mother who is a trained chef, and a father who loves being out in the bush, Harry has been camping and cooking all his life. He has just released his first book with all his favourite camp recipes.

As an adult, Harry says he found that when he started travelling and camping with mates, it seemed logical to him to cook a roast on the camp fire, and yet all his mates were used to sausages and packet food! And so Harry began Fire to Fork, a website and social media channel that inspired people to cook and eat well while they are out in the bush.

Harry is also keen to try new things whenever he can, and in particular, sourcing ingredients from the land.  His recipes are available for anyone to download, and he’s continually looking to improve recipes and cooking styles, so he welcomes input from others.

Jo Clews has been cooking for almost as long as she can remember. A country girl who’s lived and worked in various remote and regional areas of WA, Jo likes nothing more than cooking outdoors on the camp oven.

Jo has published a book of her own recipes called Australian Camp Oven Cooking and encourages everyone she meets to experiment with their own cooking so that their own camping meals are more than just a sausage in a bun. Jo says one of the best investments a serious camper will make is to buy a quality camp oven – and then learn how to use it!