2022 Perth 4WD and Adventure Show

Club 4×4 Adventure Hub

The new Club 4×4 Adventure Hub offers visitors technical and practical information on 4WDriving and overlanding to equip them for exploring our country. Each zone within the Adventure Hub will include different speakers and presentations from a variety of brands, plus interactive demonstrations.

The Adventure Hub will include:

Camp Cooking Demos with Char Bro BBQ

Egon Long Distance Overlanding Zone

10.00am Plan your overland electric set up with Heiner Klarmann

11.30am Story time with Andrew St Pierre White

1.30pm The ground up: Managing your Overland build with Jan and Rob from Pro Camp Solutions

3.00pm Grizzly n Bear International Overlanding experience – Steph and Leigh

Go Camping and Overlanding Stage

10.00am Off Grid Coffee Methods with Aaron Newman, Gear Expert, Go Camping and Overlanding

11.00am Leave No Trace: Rob McSporran, Advanced Course Graduate, Bob Cooper Survival

12.00pm Elements of survival with Aaron Newman, Gear Expert, Go Camping and Overlanding

1.00pm Learn about outdoor materials with Aaron Newman, Gear Expert, Go Camping and Overlanding

2.00pm Camping in style with Veronica Newman (The Champagne Camper)

ARB 4WD Recovery Demos and Talks

4WD Recovery Demos will run regularly throughout the day, presented by Eureka 4WD training; and will cover topics such as recovery info, winching, high lift jacks, and info about the essential gear for touring. Click here for schedule

Tech Tips

Richard Nicholls, Adventure 4WD Training, will give regular talks on relevant topics including safety, tyre repairs and recoveries.
• Vehicle tech – traction aiding technology
• Tyre repairs in the bush
• Importance of airing down