Perth 4WD and Adventure Show

Club 4×4 Adventure Hub

Club 4x4 Adventure Hub

Get the gear, get inspired, get educated, and get out there!

The 4WD and Adventure Show is excited to present a new concept in entertainment and information with the launch of a new Adventure Hub, presented by Club 4×4 Insurance.

The new Club 4×4 Adventure Hub offers visitors technical and practical information on 4WDriving and overlanding to equip them for exploring our country. Each zone within the Adventure Hub will include different speakers and presentations from a variety of brands, plus interactive demonstrations.

The Club 4×4 Adventure Hub includes the 4WD Recovery Demo area, Camp Cooking, Tech Tips area and more.


The new Tough Dog Traction Track is an interactive zone that offers all the technical 4WDing info that you never knew you needed to know!

The Tough Dog Traction Track is set up with specially designed ramps that are used to demonstrate the capabilities of a vehicle and give audiences an up-close look at exactly how the vehicle works. Driving the vehicle over the ramps allows audiences to see the suspension flexing, to demonstrate when traction is lost, and to give tips on how to overcome these issues.

Expert presenter Richard Nicholls from Offroad Adventure Training will give demonstrate and talk about how 4WDs lose traction and what part a good suspension plays in preventing that. He will cover topics such as why it’s important to modify and upgrade a vehicle’s suspension; give examples of how small things like changing you wheel sand tyres can have an effect. Richard will also present on how new technologies and the various traction adding devices assist with keeping the vehicle moving through the terrain – and when they may need to be disabled.

The Tough Dog Traction Track will be located within the Club 4×4 Adventure Hub and will feature ongoing presentations each day of the Show.


10.00am Suspension and Traction Technology
11.00am Winching basics and rigging for single, double and triple line pull
12.00pm Suspension Technology Explained
1.30pm Kinetic recoveries (old versus new)
2.30pm Suspension and Traction Technology
3.30pm Recovery gear (How much do you really need? )