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Discover Boating at the 4WD and Adventure Show!

Posted on October 22, 2018 | Author Perth 4WD | Category

The Perth 4WD and Adventure Show is pleased to be working with the South Perth Yacht Club to provide an exciting new activity at the Show – Discover Boating!

Discover Boating is a free, fun activity for children of all ages and is aimed at getting kids out on the water.

Whether they’ve been boating or sailing before, or if they are a complete novice, Discover Boating will give them a chance to get out on a boat, learn new skills, test their abilities, and most importantly, have a lot of fun.

Get the kids out on a boat on the Swan River at the Show!

Tackers Sailing

The “Tackers Sailing Program” will run all weekend at the Show. “Tackers Sailing” is an introductory, fun, games-based sailing program designed for kids aged 7 to 12, delivered at recognised Tackers Clubs. Kids don’t need to have any sailing experience and they don’t have to be a member of a club to participate. All the equipment, including the boats, is provided. All you need to do is register on the day, grab your life-jacket and take in some instruction and then you’re off! It’s completely safe, with a special course allocated for the Tackers boats and managed by a team of qualified instructors. And most importantly, kids will feel the thrill of sailing all by themselves on the beautiful Swan River!

The Powerboat Experience

Designed to give people a first introduction to boating in a safe environment, “The Powerboat Experience” will utilise inflatable dinghies with 4hp small outboard and will run over a designated course. Qualified instructors will take participants out on the boats and offer training and instructions as part of the activity. The Powerboat Experience is for children aged 10 years and over to learn new skills, as well as for teenagers and adults who are looking to get their Recreational Skipper’s Ticket.

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